Thursday, September 25, 2008


Treat yourself into a place where you can enjoy with the various native especially prepared food. It is an enchanted place that I've been, one of my memorable experience that I cannot forget. At first, I can only see this place in T.V. until I finally experienced the fun and excitement what the people is talking about. It is only a short drive from my hometown Lingayen passing to Dagupan City going to Tarlac. A two-hour drive going to this place. A place simply called "ISDAAN" a Gerona's pride, the home of " Kabalen."

You'll be amaze as you enter the place, the entrance was so amazing, it has big sculptures, great view for picture taking. It has also a hanging bridge as you go along to their "KUBO-KUBO". There were also a lot of hanging fish sculptures. Huge group of monkey sculpture is one of their main attraction. "TACSIYAPO" a very well known area in Gerona is also located here in Isdaan. The stress reliever of kabalens.

This "ISDAAN" is a restaurant that has a lot of gigs. As you order and while waiting for your food to serve, group of singers will come to your "KUBO-KUBO" and serenade you with folksong, in addition to that they also have games for their costumers who can pass the bridge while carrying two pails of water, a reward of 2 kilos of tilapia fish will be given to costumers who will successfully pass the bridge without falling into the water. Boy.....It's a non-stop developing area because I've heard that they have plan for an extension for the costumers. You'll surely enjoy the place and keep on coming back. I myself have experienced two comeback. My first visit was with my friends, when I told my wife about my experience and what I saw, my wife became interested, so we went for a date and decided to celebrate there her b-day. It was again a nice experience - hope you can experience it too.......Hope you'll like it....Have fun!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Gag at My Blog

Judy visited his grandfather who had a very small place. There was no place for her to sleep in except beside his grandfather. One evening, in the middle of the night, his grandfather suddenly woke up and said, "I wish I had a woman." It woke up Judy, who remained silent for a few seconds before she said, "Lolo, I don't know what you have in mind but what you have in your hand is mine."

* To tell the difference between a male chromosome and a female chromosome, you have to pull down their genes.

* If at first you don't succeed, keep sucking.

* When the rooster crows in the morning, the farmer knows that his cock is up.

* Sis is growing up. She used to play with jack, and now she plays with balls.

* A man is getting old when he inspects the food instead of waitress!

* Love is harder the second time around.

* Eve was the first agriculturist. She was the first woman: to raise a banana.

* They say that Napoleon had the hardest organ because he was a Boney part.

* Boys can outrun girls because they have two bearing and a stick shift.

* Women are luckier than men-they can lie down on the job and get paid for it.

* My secretary came in today and told me she had another position - so we tried it.

* Dancing is a vertical expression of horizontal desires!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Top Towns for Tech Jobs

4. Durham, N.C. Jobs per 1,000: 155.94 Total: 33,454 Rank: 36 Growth: 8% Average wage: $95,551 Salary Rank: 7 Biggest sector: R&D and testing labs Area employer: Duke University

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Are you a responsible traveler?

Beside fiesta, Northern Luzon is also pack with beautiful places and friendly people. Many of these are already well known to local and foreign tourists alike, such as the Rice terraces in Banaue and Hundred Islands in Pangasinan. However, there are also those that are little known, tucked away but which are equally beautiful.
And as tourists, remember the following travel pointers courtesy of Travel and Beyond.
1. Do research. Find out more about the customs and culture of the people in the places you are about to visit, as it would do much to enhance the experience. To do this, make a quick visit to your local Internet shop or browse through brochures found in travel agencies or in hotel front desks. Keep in mind that costly misunderstandings may easily be avoided through research.
2. Engage the locals. Try to know more about the place you are to visit Engage the locals in a discourse. Who knows, you could even charm them into disclosing that generations old recipe of their favorite dish.
3. Visitors are simply that: visitors. The locals are the ones who have to live in the place all year round, so don't abuse their hospitality. Respect the environment and the cultures of people living in the place. Do your share in keeping the place clean and habitable. The Filipino is indeed an endearing race.
4. Talk about your experiences. Share wonderful anecdotes of your travels with your loved once, friends and business associates both in the Philippines and abroad. Hopefully, this may further encourage them to visit these places themselves. And don't forget to also bring home some pasalubong or local souvenirs to help you remember the place by.
5. Preserving nature is a big help to locals. Take nothing but pictures, and choose only souvenirs that do not come from irreplaceable natural resources like limestone rocks from caves. This will somehow deter unscrupulous locals from destroying our natural resources just to earn a few pesos.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Robotics, metrology labs for RP

Japanese conglomerate Hitachi has committed a donation of over $3 million to set up high technology laboratories for robotics and metrology at two of the country's premier universities.
The move is also hoped to give birth research and development industry in the country, officials said.
Global Storage Technologies (GST), the information technology storage division of Hitachi, launched this week its Integrated University Program (IUP) under which it will donate cutting -edge equipment for robotics and metrology laboratories at the University of the Philippines-Diliman and the Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU), both in Quezon City.
Aside from the donation, Hitachi GST will also provide scholarships, research grants,sponsorships, and on-the-job training in engineering, sciences and statistics to students and faculty members of UP, ADMU, De La Salle University, Mapua Institute of Technology, Polytechnic University of the Philippines, and University of Santo Tomas.
Dr. Truan Tran, Hitachi GST Philippines president and general manager, told education and IT reporters that the donation was an investment in the country for research and development capabilities on hard disk drive manufacturing and technology.
With such capability, Tran said Hitachi GST could help Filipino universities produce engineers and scientists knowledgeable on hard disk drive technology and start an industry in the country.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Adventure in Barcelona

Participants in the two-week Adventure in Barcelona Program this sem-break under the auspices of Institute for Foreign Study(IFS) will give participants a taste of Spanish art, architecture, cuisine and language.
While on this two-week immersion program, participants will contemplate the works of architect/designer Antoni Guadi and Salvador Dali as well. A visit to Figures, Dali's hometown, is a must.
Antoni Gaudi (1852-1928), architect and designer, is the most internationally prestigious figure in Spanish architecture.
His outstanding works include Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, Palau Guell, Finca Miralles, Casa Batillo. Casa Mila "la Pedrera'', Casa Calvet, the lamposts for the city of Barcelona and Colegio teresiano, among others.
Gaudi collaborated with some of hte finest artisans of his time using materials such as wrought iron, ceramics, mosaics, furniture and many more, incorporating architectural elements in the construction process.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ginebra, Air21 to maintain team core

Barangay Ginebra and Air21 are like to keep the nucleus of their respective teams, having figured in a finals battle which could well be long remember as among the feircest ever seen in PBA history.
Both teams hinted that they would keep the team core intact and to become even more competitive in the next season starting Oct. 4
Ginebra has several transactions to do with practically the entire team, including top players Mark Caguiao and Jayjay Helterbrand, becoming free agents at the end of the 2007-08 campaign.
Four ,players in the reserved list, including 1996 MVP Johnny Abarrientos, have seen thier contracts expired.
Ginebra Coach Jong Uichico said they have a special plan for Abarrientos, looking to develop the player as skill coach for the Ginebra guards.
"We need him to teach our young guards. Withall his experience, we know he can be a big help in developing our younger players," said Uichico.
Air21 coach Bo Perasol for his part, said the management has advised him they would keep the core of the team.
Persol's main rotation of Gary David, Arwind Santos, Ranidel de Ocampo, Wynne Arboleda, Nino Canaleta, Homer Se and Egay Billones have great maturity in powering hte express to their best-ever finish in a tourney in the just-concluded Fiesta Conference.
"We've yet have a long discussion but the management said we'll be keeping the core fo the team, "said Perasol.
Maenwhile, Rob Reyes has become the third Fil-Am draft hopeful to submit complete documentary reqiurements, making him eligible for the 2008 PBA Rookie Draft slated Sept.31 at the Market Market Place in Taguig.
Reyes arrived from the United states Thursday morning in time to join two-day PBA Rookie Camp at the Emilio Aguinaldo College gym in Manila Friday and Saturday.
Two other Fil-Am who have submitted the required documents are Kevin Delafu and Solomon Mercado.
Forty-three of the 46 applicants showed up on the first day of the two-day camp conducted by PBA supervisor of officials and camp director Ramil Cruz.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Interactive Toy Concepts R/C Cooler

Top 10 Summer Tech Toys tech toy summer digital

We first caught a glimpse of the awesome R/C Cooler by Interactive Toy Concepts at this year's Consumer Electronics Show, and now it's finally available for purchase. This radio-controlled cooler is the ideal summer gadget. Not only does it keep six of your favorites beverages cool while you're sitting at the pool, but you can also use the included wireless remote to steer it over to your chair. That's right: no more bribing your significant other to grab you another beer, or making your kids fetch you another soda. With the remote, you can move the cooler forward and backward and spin it left and right, up to 30 feet away. It will be shipping at the end of June for $69.95 on

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Here are some of the early warning signs of Alzheimer's disease. If five or more of these statements apply to you or a loved one, consult your doctor to see if you may be affected.
1. Having difficulty finding words, finishing sentences, or remembering people's names.
2. Repeating questions or statements.
3. Forgetfulness that's out of the ordinary.
4. Needing reminders to go shopping or taking medication.
5. Needing help with usual daily activities.
6. Needing reminders to keep appointments, for family occasions or holidays.
7. Becoming more irritable.
8. Changes in driving (getting lost, driving unsafely)
9. Having difficulty balancing a cheque book.
10.Not participating in conversations like you used to.
11.Becoming sad or crying more often.

Take this checklist and discuss it with your doctor. Help your doctor make the best possible evaluation.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Acer TravelMate C312XMi (C310 Series)

ACER'S newest tablet PC for the mobile professional may not be the lightest or the most portable we've seen, but the spec sheet and the benchmark results prove that it'll perform with the best of them on the office desk.
Just like ant other tablet PC we've seen before, this silver-and-black portable folds up normally like a notebook for your desk. If you need to work on your toes with the digital pen, the screen twists 180 degrees to the left and folds down over the keyboard. Five buttons below the 14.1-inch XGA screed are for enabling the Windows Task Manage, Function (for tablet and pen settings), scrolling up and down, and changing the screen orientation from landscape to portrait mode.
Every function and features you need on a portable computer is positioned along the edges of this tablet PC. It sports a DVD-RW drive at the left edge, one USB port, and SD and PCMCIA card slots at the right side. The rest of the connections (audio ports, mini-Firewire, DVI/VGA display out, LAN/Modem connections, S-video out, and two USB ports) are found at the rear. The pressure-sensitive digital pen stores securely into a slot at the top of the screen.